Getting Around Edinburgh

Basic background information about Edinburgh's public bus system
Edinburgh's public bus system features over 70 routes that serve residents living in Edinburgh and surrounding communities. These routes include seven night routes, 12 express routes and 50 day routes. Express routes are described in schedules using the letter "X" and a route number. Night routes are described using the letter "N" and a route number. Day routes are described using only a route number without a prefix.

Here is a list of Edinburgh's most popular routes that can help you travel anywhere in Edinburgh:

Route 3 and N-3
Buses that travel along these routes travel to and from Haymarket, City Centre, Princes Street, the Gyle Centre, and Endinburgh Park Railway Station. Many locals use this route to travel to most places in Edinburgh because it provides direct connections to most of Edinburgh's most popular destinations.

Route 35
This route provides direct service to and from Edinburgh Airport, Princes Street, City Centre the Ocean Terminal and the Scottish Parliamentary Buildings.

Route 67
Buses that travel along Route 67 travel to and from St. Andrew Square, City Centre, the University of Edinburgh, Waverley Rail Station and Stratton Retail Park.

Route 100
This route provides direct service to and from Edinburgh Airport from 4:45 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. each day. Buses that travel along this route also stop at most of Edinburgh's rail stations and at City Centre.

For detailed scheduling information, please visit the Waverley Bridge Travel Shop located at the intersection of Princes Street and Waverly Bridge.

Edinburgh's Railroad Service offers passengers 14 stations that connect trains from across the U.K. The two most popular stations are Haymarket Station and Waverley Station. They are located close to each other inside Edinburgh's City Centre between the Old Town district and the New Town district. Passengers can find information for all of Edinburgh's rail stations by visiting the customer service booth located inside Haymarket Station's main terminal.

Another popular rail station is Edinburgh Park railway station. This station provides access to the Edinburgh Park business district and the Hermiston Gait Shopping Centre.

Two important rail service providers offer train service to Edinburgh residents. For example, ScotRail provides service to and from Edinburgh along its Strathclyde North route. Trains that travel along this route stop at Waverly Station and Edinburgh Park railway station. Passengers may visit Edinburgh Park railway station for ticketing and scheduling information.

Moreover, the U.K.'s National Rail service provides service anywhere in the U.K. to all 14 of Edinburgh's train stations. Passengers may visit the National Rail customer service desk located at Waverley Station for detailed scheduling and ticketing information.