Shopping in Edinburgh

Scotland follows standard British and European closing times of around 6 p.m., although most shops feature at least one day a week with extended hours.

The Royal Mile
This area is a bit touristy but still the perfect place to find all things Scottish. Souvenirs, kilts, whisky, tartans, shortbread and all the other items uniquely Scottish can be found in the little shops that frame Edinburgh's most famous street.

Canongate Jersey and Craft Shop
Celtic-themed knitwear, jewelry and crafts are the highlight of this family-run business. These one-of-a-kind items are all designed and produced by local artisans.

A Scottish department store, "the Harrods of the North," as some of its ardent fans claim. Customers will find a full range of quality items, from housewares to designer clothing, in one convenient location.

Princes Mall
This shopping center has a collection of international chains and shops specializing in Scottish favorites, such as whiskey. There is also a food court with fast food and healthy options.

Fudge Kitchen
Decadent chocolate fudge rubs shoulders with that most Scottish of treats, "sweet tablet." Sugar confections galore will tempt buyers, but the kind shop assistants will give free samples to help narrow down the decision.

Harvey Nichols
This is another high fashion department store complete with in-house restaurant and lavish food hall. Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and other name brands are prominently featured. Louis Vuitton has a shop right next door.

Romanes and Paterson
Kilt manufacturers extraordinaire. Even shoppers not in the market for quality kiltwear will enjoy this beautiful shop and its wide range of Scottish-themed goods. Go for the kilts and stay for the fantastic cashmere knits, handbags, whisky and souvenirs.

The Nutcracker Christmas Shop
Nutcrackers aren't distinctly Scottish but this shop carries bagpipe-playing versions in a veritable Christmas wonderland. Fun at any time of year, this shop carries an enormous selection of Christmas decorations from all over Europe.

Royal Mile Whiskies
A wide range of whiskies from distilleries all over Scotland can be found in this convenient location. The helpful staff in this award-winning shop is happy to explain the regional variations and assist with picking the perfect bottle.

Cockburn Street
Cockburn Street is a street with an artsy vibe filled with little shops featuring funky clothes, music and unique items. This section of the city makes a nice change from the numerous tartan and whisky shops.